Get Professional Results From a Local Painting Company

paintersWhile painting may look uncomplicated, obtaining the best and longest-lasting results takes a great deal of time and skill. Homes are not painted in a weekend. Even individual rooms may take days to paint if walls need extensive preparations. While many homeowners are capable of obtaining good results when painting, it is often far more practical to hire professional painters.

Painting requires careful preparation. Home exteriors, for example, must be thoroughly cleaned before any other steps are taken. Cleaning allows painters to get an accurate picture of the home’s condition and how much preparation will be needed before any paint is applied. While professional painters routinely use pressure washers to remove grime, flaking paint and mildew, pressure washing can do more harm than good when attempted by untrained individuals.

Next, professionals scrape any loose paint and sand the area to provide a smooth, solid base for new paint to adhere to. In many cases, this is the most difficult part of the painting process. Scraping is hard work, but without removing old paint that is in poor condition, any new paint will quickly fail. This step presents another set of problems for older homes that were painted with lead-based paints. If there is any chance that lead based paints were applied in the past, special precautions must be taken. A professional painting company will send paint samples to a lab for analysis if the presence of lead-based paint is suspected. Any damaged surfaces must also be repaired, with minor imperfections filled and sanded.

The next step is to prime all bare surfaces. The primer helps to seal the wood and prepare it for the final paint coats. At this point, joints must be caulked to prevent water and drafts from entering wall cavities. Caulks must be carefully selected to provide the best protection for homes. Newer caulks are designed to last for many years, but must be matched to the type of materials in use. Area painting company craftsmen know the best caulks and primers to use.

The final paint coat protects homes for many years when quality products are selected and applied properly. Modern finishes last longer than those used in the past, with less chance of fading, peeling or mildew formation. Professional painters in quebec city make the entire process look easy, but homeowners who have attempted major painting projects will agree that painting is a difficult and painstaking process.

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